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 Beware of these symptoms

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PostSubject: Beware of these symptoms   2011-03-21, 05:45

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects one in every 100 people, who are above 60 years, reveal studies. The disease affects the old so seriously that sometimes they find it difficult even to move and speak.
According to some doctors, the first symptom of Parkinson’s disease is tremor in the limbs. The patient will feel the tremor even if s/he is taking rest and gradually this symptom spreads to the entire body.
Legs become rigid and it becomes difficult for the patient to move. The speaking capacity too will be challenged by this disease and you can observe that the Parkinson’s affected people are very slow speakers. The speech impairment will be followed by insomnia and dementia. The patients will have a stooped posture and all the disabilities often push the patient into a state of depression and a personality change.
In some people these symptoms can be seen a bit early, when they are about 50 years old; but in most cases these symptoms are visible only after the age of 60.
Scientists have not been able to find out the exact reason behind the disease, but they are of the opinion that the reason can be attributed to the genes of the patient or the environmental changes around.
It is necessary to care for and treat the patients and various existing therapies including parkinson's ayurvedic treatment, allopathic treatments, Unani treatments etc have yet to go a long way in order to find out the exact reason for the disease.
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Beware of these symptoms
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