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 AFA algae testimonials

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PostSubject: AFA algae testimonials   2011-11-11, 20:18

"My energy is great. My attitude to life is very positive. I feel more intelligent since I have taken the algae. I hope you will try it - it's great!" B.G.

"It has given me strength, stamina and vitality and I no longer feel stressed out in my work." J.S.

"My hair has grown a lot and my skin and nails are improved. I just think it's a wonderful source of food." T.P.

"Although I’ve never been seriously ill, I’ve always been concerned about my health. I was trying to eat healthy food, wanted to feel myself full of energy, to succeed in everithing I was doing. I’ve practiced fasting, vegetarianism, raw foodism etc. but it was tough, because my schedule was very busy and I couldn’t go home to prepare myself some food. So I had to eat pizza and hamburgers pretty often.

Then my boyfriend offered me to try eating algae as nutritional supplement. After 2 or 3 days my body started cleaning itself of the toxins. In 2 weeks I felt brisker, calmer and organised. Exactly the feeling I was looking for! I started to sleep “faster” and during the day I menaged to finish all my work and even to go for a walk in the park. For this first month eating algae I lost 3 kilos (exactly as much as needeed Smile .

So, I don’t make diets any more, because I get what I need from the algae." Pagane
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AFA algae testimonials
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