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 CoQ10 Complex with Chromium Polynicotinate and AquaSource Algae

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PostSubject: CoQ10 Complex with Chromium Polynicotinate and AquaSource Algae   2011-11-11, 20:32

CoQ10 is essential for all energy production in your cells. Studies show that most people over 35 have CoQ10 deficiencies, and that obese people may be up to 50% deficient. It is taken daily by over 6 million Japanese and by 20% of the adults in health-conscious Denmark.

Benefits of taking CoQ10:

* Increased energy
* Improved athletic performance
* Helps with weight loss
* Helps improve gum condition

Chromium is essential for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Western diets are frequently seriously deficient in this vital trace element. Athletes need increased quantities of Chromium.

Benefits of taking Chromium:

* Helps increase the burn-off of body fat
* Reduces cravings, mood swings, and exhaustion
* Enhances muscle activity, strength, endurance and stamina

Take 1 each day with a meal.
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CoQ10 Complex with Chromium Polynicotinate and AquaSource Algae
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