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 Digestive Enzymes and AquaSource Algae

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PostSubject: Digestive Enzymes and AquaSource Algae   2011-11-11, 20:41

Enzymes are essential for digestion. Without sufficient enzymes, eating will place a strain on the body and deplete its resources. You should receive sufficient enzymes with your food, but processing and cooking destroys its natural enzymes - so it is important that you supplement your diet.

Digestive enzymes will help if you feel tired after meals; if your diet is based on cooked food; or your meals are unbalanced and irregular. They help to prevent bloating and indigestion, and combat the effects of processed and preserved foods.

Derived from vegetable sources, this is a unique mixture of digestive enzymes enriched with AquaSource Algae to enhance the enzymes’ effectiveness.

Take 1 before eating.
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Digestive Enzymes and AquaSource Algae
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