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 Lighten Up!

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PostSubject: Lighten Up!   2011-11-11, 21:42

What a meal should provide nutritionally - and what it actually provides - may be very different.

Lighten-Up! is the natural meal replacement for missed or hurried meals. It can be used as part of a weight loss programme as it reduces fat instead of fluids. Lighten-Up! contains a full range of vitamins, one gramme of AquaSource Algae per serving, and organic alfalfa to ensure a full spectrum of minerals. Sweetened naturally with dried apple powder and vanilla. It has a highly digestible protein content.

It naturally reduces cravings and includes special enzymes to help digestion. As you’d expect, it does NOT contain… added sugar or artificial sweeteners, fats, additives, preservatives, artificial colours, thickeners, gluten, or animal derivatives. It is registered with the Vegan Society.

To create a delicious drink, just mix with apple juice, or other fruit juice. Fresh fruit may be added as desired. For best results use an electric blender.
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Lighten Up!
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