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 First Colonoscopy - what to expect??

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PostSubject: First Colonoscopy - what to expect??   2011-12-16, 08:33

I have my first colonoscopy later this week.. I am 32 but there is an extensive history of colon cancer in my family. This is just a routine exam but I âm sure will become a unwelcome tradition as I get older. It’s better than the alternative though.

I am not too worried about the exam itself. My doctor said I’ll be sedated and won’t remember anything.

I am more worried about getting ready for the exam.. mainly getting cleaned out. My doctor prescribed a solution called Moviprep. Im supposed to drink a bunch around 2:00 PM the day prior to my test and then again @ 10:00 PM.

My main question is how quickly I be running to the bathroom. Will I be living in the bathroom all evening and night or only a few times after each session of drinks? Will I be getting any sleep or should I expect to be sleeping in the bathroom?

Thanks.. any help and advice is appreciated..
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First Colonoscopy - what to expect??
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