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  PLEASE HELP! Skin Issue?

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PostSubject: PLEASE HELP! Skin Issue?    2011-12-16, 08:39

ok so i have VERY dry skin and lately it just is EXTREMELY dry! i have very sensitive skin that redness appears often and im pale so its not very flattering so what can i do to help replenish my skin?
i use lotion SEVERAL times a day including in the morning and evening after i wash my face, and occasionally (well i try to do it as often as i can) i will (after i wash my face) massage my face with olive oil for a little bit, wipe it off, THEN put on lotion and even when i do that my skin will dry!
its really bugging me cause im getting faint lines around my eyes, on my forehead, and small laughlines and i know the lack of moisture isnt helping and im only in middle school! i also drink alot of water several glasses a day so i know it is not lack of water so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! im so desperate my skin is doing awful right now please help, if you know any natural remedies or extremely good lotions PLEASE tell!
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PLEASE HELP! Skin Issue?
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