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 AFA algae super food on the planet

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PostSubject: AFA algae super food on the planet    2011-11-11, 19:39

The best blue-green algae comes from the Upper Klamath Lake in the Cascade Mountains, Southern Oregon, USA. Fed by seventeen pure mountain streams and geothermal springs, it has ten metres of mineral deposits: these are the Earth’s most mineral rich alkaline waters.

Growing here is Nature’s most complete and balanced food having many remarkable properties - nothing equals its nutritional profile.

Many people tell us that AquaSource Algae has improved the quality of their lives. That it helps…

• detoxify
• provide more energy
• improve skin condition
• digestive problems and regular bowel function
• defeat food cravings
• better sleep
• improve mental awareness
• relieve stress

In short, it can bring new energy and vitality to your life.
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AFA algae super food on the planet
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