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 Green Energy Product

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PostSubject: Green Energy Product   2011-11-11, 20:12

Green Energy presents a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support your everyday needs.

Green Energy combines three key ingredients - most powerful nutritional products:
1. AquaSource Algae from Klamath Lake – one of the purest and mineral-rich algae in the world.
2. Organic Alfalfa – famous for its long tap roots that gather minerals, amino acids and other nutrients from the soil. It is very rich in minerals, amino acids, trace elements, protein. Its roots grow 60-80 feet into the earth absorbing many minerals and trace elements.
3. Spirulina – another blue-green algae, harvested in Hawaii is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and gamma-linolenic acid.
Extensive research by AquaSource has shown that this trio of components provides an ideal combination to help sustain the body in today’s demanding world.

Green Energy is specifically blended for maximum absorption.

Recommended as a nutritional supplement for:

* Increased energy
* Demanding lifestyles
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Green Energy Product
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