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 Fatty Acid Complex

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PostSubject: Fatty Acid Complex    2011-11-11, 21:06

Your body needs a range of essential fatty acids to operate properly. Processing and cooking food destroys its fatty acid content, and this affects the body’s natural energy levels, essential hormones and many other health factors.

It is probable that you are deficient in fatty acids and this will have some long term impact on your health.

People have become increasingly aware of the importance of taking the full range of fatty acids daily. Now Fatty Acid Complex is one of AquaSource’s best-selling products.

AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex contains the full range of 88 essential and non-essential fatty acids from evening primrose, garlic, sesame seeds, linseed, apricot kernels and many more oils. All are cold-pressed and formulated to maintain their full nutritional integrity.

Use for:

* Long-term effects of constant stress
* Overcoming deficiencies resulting from cooking, processing and preserved foods
* Helping break up cholesterol
* Skin problems
* Helping in weight loss, to burn up harmful saturated fats
* Joint pains
* Improved energy and wellbeing

Take one-third of a teaspoon twice a day. If you wish, put onto salad or into a salad dressing.
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Fatty Acid Complex
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